Corporate • Commercial • International Law

Navid Sedaghati

Navid possesses a wealth of experience across a broad range of areas of the law. Below is a non-exhaustive list of areas in which he practises.

Commercial Law

Navid maintains a solid domestic and international commercial law practice.

He has provided complex advice and has appeared for and against companies and individuals in a vast array of commercial matters across a broad range of industries, including the fast-moving consumer goods, telecommunications, information technology, intellectual property, shipping and maritime, and oil, gas and mining sectors in Australia and in several other countries overseas.

Domestically, his extensive litigation experience extends to appearing for plaintiffs and defendants at both State and Federal level, across various Australian jurisdictions. His international practice has seen him represent some of the world’s most recognised corporations and brands in major commercial matters, where substantial sums of money were claimed and where there have been significant potential reputational consequences for his clients.

Corporations Law

Navid possesses a wealth of experience providing complex legal advice and appearing for and against individuals and multi-national and global corporations in substantial corporate litigation, both domestically and internationally.

His experience includes acting in disputes regarding directors’ duties, shareholder rights, fiduciary duties and corporate insolvency. In addition, he has provided advice with respect to mergers, acquisitions, compliance, corporate governance issues and more broadly, provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Navid has particular expertise in the fast-moving consumer goods sector.

With prior experience as General Counsel at one of Australia’s leading beverage companies, (and with an exclusive portfolio for Australia and other parts of the Asia Pacific region within his remit), Navid possesses extensive experience drafting, amending and negotiating new and renewal of complex commercial agreements and advising clients with respect to the management of substantial risks.

He has been responsible for negotiating and settling major service contracts, intellectual property registrations, intellectual property purchase and licensing agreements, international distributorship and procurement agreements, as well as a broad range of other domestic and international commercial contracts. Navid’s experience in this sector also extends to the resolution of disputes, through litigation and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, including mediation and negotiation.

Information Technology (IT), Intellectual Property (IP) and Telecommunications

Navid possesses widespread experience in IT, IP, telecommunication technology and consumer electronics matters. Throughout his legal career, he has maintained a high-profile client list comprising leading brands including Panasonic, Telstra, Vodafone, Optus, KNet Technology, GRC Institute and Protecht.

The depth and breadth of his experience encompasses both domestic and international contracts, risk and liability allocation, software licensing terms and conditions, software master license and distributorship right agreements for countries, IT maintenance and support agreements, IT hosted service agreements, IT business-to-business agreements, IP protection, IP licensing, acquisitions, joint ventures, cloud computing and storage.

Navid’s experience has also extended to IT outsourcing, including outsourcing of data processing, commercialisation and implementation of new IP and designer dispute prevention strategies. He is highly skilled at efficiently and effectively resolving disputes through litigation and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, including mediation and negotiation.

Mediation and Arbitration (including International Commercial Arbitration)

Complementing his litigation and advisory practice, Navid has considerable experience acting for clients in mediations and arbitrations, including international commercial arbitrations.

His experience in this area is strengthened by his accreditation as a mediator pursuant to the Australian National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS).

Oil, Gas and Mining

Possessing considerable experience in the oil, gas and mining sector, Navid has acted as a leading adviser with respect to major deals spanning countries including Australia, China, Germany and Switzerland.

He has provided complex advice regarding significant international and domestic procurement contracts and financing deals relating to the ownership of mining equipment and oil rigs. Such experience has extended to structuring debt transactions and asset protection.

Navid has also successfully represented clients in resolving disputes by way of litigation and other forms of dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation and negotiation.

Private International Law / Conflict of Laws

Navid has acquired considerable experience in the field of private international law / conflict of laws. Possessing strong analytical skills, Navid is highly adept at examining and critically applying the operation of laws pertaining to a broad range of jurisdictions, in order to solve complex legal problems.

Notably, he has previously acted for a global technology giant with respect to a conflict of laws dispute in the United States of America.

Shipping and Maritime

Navid has acted in a multitude of matters concerning the manufacturing and shipping of goods to and from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, China, United Kingdom, France, Italy, USA, Mexico and other countries within the Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America regions. His experience also encompasses the exportation of raw materials and manufactured products, including consumer electronics, beverages, machinery and industrial equipment.

Such experience has involved the provision of complex legal advice with respect to international consumer brands, including Panasonic, Casamigos tequila, Jose Cuervo tequila, Kraken spiced rum, Grand Marnier, Bushmills, 1800 tequilas, Gran Centenario, Dalmore whisky, Jura, Fernet Branca, Joseph Cartron, Teichenne, Punt E Mes, Sagatiba, Glayva, Outerspace Vodka, La Fee, Domaine De Canton, Pama, English Harbour rums, Aqua Luca, Antica Formula, Candolini, Wenneker, Santiago Queirolo, 666 Vodka, Elijah Craig bourbons, Martin Miller’s gins, Malfy gins, Boodles gins, Gosling’s rums, Matusalem rums, Whyte and Mackay, Caffe Borghetti, Fee Brothers and East Imperial tonic waters.

With extensive front and back end experience, Navid has successfully negotiated multi-million-dollar contracts and has acted in matters involving the resolution of disputes where goods in transit are damaged. Such area necessitates a deep level of understanding of the principles of liability, contract law, international law and conflict of laws, particularly where legal ownership and responsibility for goods with respect to the different elements of risk and liability is in dispute. The matters in which Navid has often been briefed encompass disputes where multiple conflicting laws of different countries may be at play, or the understanding between the parties may be in conflict with well-established relevant legal principles of the relevant countries.

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