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Navid’s commercial practice includes all types of domestic and cross jurisdictional disputes including breaches of contract, repudiation of contract, payment disputes, performance disputes, risk and liability allocation, repudiation of contract, implied terms of contract, misleading or deceptive conduct, unjust enrichment, product liability disputes, distributorship right disputes and intellectual property infringements.


Navid’s corporations practice includes disputes regarding corporate insolvency, directors’ duties and shareholder disputes. Additionally, he has provided advice for mergers, acquisitions, compliance, corporate governance issues and more broadly, provisions of the Corporations Act.


Navid’s building and construction practice includes contractual disputes, defects disputes, quantum meruit disputes, delay disputes, design versus construction disputes, remediation versus variation disputes, damages, set-off and abatement, professional and third party liability (design, construction and certification), risk and liability allocation.

His Building and Construction Practice extends to Planning and Environment Law, Development Application (DA) issues, easements, amending or extinguishing an existing easement, land valuation disputes, compulsory land acquisition compensation disputes and strata disputes.


Navid’s private international law practice includes all types of international law and cross jurisdictional conflict of laws commercial matters, including mediations and arbitrations. Throughout his legal career, including prior to the Bar as a Solicitor, Navid represented clients including some of the world’s best known multinational corporations and brands in significant matters across most continents including Australia, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Navid possesses a wealth of experience in international commercial matters with multiple overseas admissions to practice law and represent clients in key legal jurisdictions.